Latour's "Waiting for Gaia: Composing the common world through art and politics*":
Nice text. Good for thinking about Joolz's question on the grounding for ecological action and sustainability. Why do we feel so powerless when asked to be concerned by ecological crisis? Latour's answeer is the BIG DISCONNECT... the chasm between the relevance, scale and nature of the phenomenon, and our emotional repertoire, our habits, thoughts and capacity to feel. So, what is it the BD? There are many missing parts: the composition of the unity (Earth Biosphere, Nature, Gaia) in which the phenomenon takes place; the conditions to provide the grounding for what is called "ecological crisis" and/or "climate change"; an A-modern twist in the understanding of science... and we have a modest tool to navigate it: "Mapping "scientific" controversies. Read it!

Latour's "Love Your Monsters: Postenvironmentalism and the Anthropocene"
Latour's "War of the Worlds: What About Peace?"
Reading and Interpreting a Text
Notes on Latour's Politics of Nature

Lovelock's "Atmospheric homeostasis by and for the biosphere: the gaia hypothesis", 1973