"Dialogues of Natural Religion" from www.earlymoderntexts.com/pdf/humedial.pdf:

Nigel Warburton on Hume's "Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion"

  • Central topic in the Dialogues is the design argument for the existence of Christian God (mainstay of natural religion, those who based religious belief on scientific evidence). Natural religion contrasted with revelation which supposed proof of existence of God through Gospels from accounts of Christ's miracles and the resurrection. Hume uses this work to attack natural religion.
  • Five characters, including Pamphilas, Hermippus and
    • Cleanthes - believes in the design argument (the deist)
    • Demea - he doesn't put his trust in reason but puts trust in faith (the religious soul)
    • Philo - criticizes the arguments of the other two characters (the skeptic); Hume sides with him, but says God exists and wanted to know what attributes he would have
  • Arguments:

A aural, visual, and textual remix of the Dialogues: