This is a wiki set up by and for participants of the Feb 2013 Bruno Latour Gifford Lectures: "Facing Gaia: A New Enquiry into Natural Religion. It's an attempt to create a space where we can meet and gather. People explore what the lectures are revealing for us, share our questions, and continue the conversation together after we all depart Scotland for our hometowns and lands.

Whether you're attending the events in-person or watching along online, feel free to edit the wiki and add your name to the participants' list, post your questions, upload or link to documents that reveal something for you about the conversation, or chat with the other participants.

Latour on a similar lecture series he gave at the Institut Fran├žais:

  • "What to do when the questions are too big for everybody and especially when they are much too grand for the orator?"
  • "feel so because of a total disconnect between the range, nature, scale of the phenomena and the set of emotions, habits of thought, feelings that would be necessary to handle the crisis, not even to act about it but just to give them more than a passing ear"
  • "might convince Gaia that since we weigh now so much on her shoulders and her on ours, we might entertain some sort of deal or ritual. Like the mega banks, we too might have become too big to fail..."